J. Rosenthal, NCCAOM Candidate, 2014

I passed! I passed! I passed NCCAOM Foundations! And I give all the credit to TCM Review. I failed the NCCAOM foundations section 3 times and then was referred to TCM Review by a friend. Bina is incredible. I had severe test taking anxiety and was approaching the multiple choice test in the wrong way.


R. Johnson, NCCAOM Candidate, Foudations & Acupuncture 2015

I want to recommend TCM Review for NCCAOM board study. I studied with another woman who has been advertising on the internet. Her classes are double the price and she's a one person show. I didn't get the attention promised. I didn't feel it was worth the extra money and I didn't pass Foundations or


Beth S. NCCAOM Candidate 2015, Acupuncture and Foundations

THANKS for helping me pass the National Acupuncture and Point location Board Exam; I have a learning disability and rote memorization and computer testing are extremely difficult for me to do. I failed the Acupucture/Point exam the first time and was SO discouraged; I wish I had known about you guys back then! I took


G. Klein, CALE March 2016

TCM Review Seminars was INSTRUMENTAL when I was studying for my state board. There is so much information it can be overwhelming at times but Bina and everyone at TCM Review were like guideposts. There's no getting around putting in time to study and memorize, but they kept me focused on what is important to


H. Chen, LAc, CALE March 2016

TCM Review is a great review class if you want to pass the CALE with ease! The class is very well organized and covers everything you need to be successful. BIna and her team are also very good at answering your questions in a timely manner as well. The class I took was online so


Chris Bruckner, LAc, Licensed Acupuncturist, South Baylo University

TCM Review is a "must do" to prepare for the CALE or Nationals. The teachers are all awesome! They tell you what to study, how to study, and how to take the test. They help coach and support you from day one till you get your results. I would highly recommend taking the course twice:


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