Tracy Zollinger, LAc, ACCHS 2007

To prepare for the CALE, I attended the TCM Review course, took the mock test as well as group tutoring. I feel that this trio kept me focused and motivated. The TCM Review teachers were like loving drill sergeants. They laid the foundation of knowledge that pertained to the CALE and repeated it over and


R. Johnson, NCCAOM Candidate, Foudations & Acupuncture 2015

I want to recommend TCM Review for NCCAOM board study. I studied with another woman who has been advertising on the internet. Her classes are double the price and she's a one person show. I didn't get the attention promised. I didn't feel it was worth the extra money and I didn't pass Foundations or


J. Wagner, NCCAOM Candidate, Acupuncture, Biomedicine, Foundations 2015

In my opinion, TCM Review is the best investment in board prep material out there. They team is caring towards the students and passionate about their work. They were available to me whenever I had a question and could give detailed explanation about the answers. Robert is very knowledgeable about Biomedicine and has been teaching


Y. Fushimi, MSOM, LAc, CALE March 2016

Looking for a review course? TCM review seminars!!! Why? #1. Very personal course, even though the class basically on the web. She answered all the questions like in a classroom. #2. Very organized and concise teaching method. As I have a full time job, it was not easy to manage work & study. Moreover, in


D. Moore, MSOM, LAc., CALE March 2016

I am super grateful to Bina and the whole crew at TCM Review Seminars. Bina's generosity with her time, her abundant encouragement and constant availability added up to me feeling totally supported as I went through the madness that is CALE prep. The course gave me clear focus and helped me organize my study schedule


Alex B. NCCAOM Candidate, Acupuncture 2017

I found the course so helpful. I had already taken the other three exams a year ago but after a long break I was having such a hard time going back to the books for the last one. I saved this one to last... I wanted Everything fresh in my head so I could work


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