May 22, 2023

TCM Review Seminars is an absolute investment into your future career. If you are sitting in front of your screen, contemplating and debating whether this is a worthwhile course, then I would hope that my little bit of insight will help. Firstly, I wish that I would’ve known about this course in my final year of Acupuncture school as a part of my study regiment. The few hours we spend in classroom lectures is not enough review, because the hard work and struggle is continuing that review and study when you’re not in the classroom, when you’re at home and struggling to get into the study groove or plain out procrastinating . My difficulty was finding a starting point whenever I sat down at my desk to open up my notes or my textbooks, when my thoughts were racing a million times faster than the information I had in front of me. Every sentence I read in my textbooks I would be sidetracked with the vast information I had studied earlier; it always felt like I needed to know everything but I wasn’t retaining the information and then panic would set in. With TCM reviews, I had a study materials schedule guideline, recommended textbooks, a course reader, and recorded sessions. There was always an open door to asking questions if extra help was needed, and the weekly live web meetings were absolutely beneficial. I believe my success on my Pan Canadian Clinical Case Study Exam was highly due to my decision to strictly follow the course provided by TCM Review Seminars. If you’ve attempted the exams and you haven’t had that letter with “PASS”, don’t be discouraged, keep up the hard work and add TCM Review Seminars Exam Prep to your bag of valuable goodies. Studying for the clincal case study exam was hard work and it was commitment, but, the exam prep course organized the information and kept me on track…and less moments of panic. The exam prep course IS an INVESTMENT into your future Acupuncture career.