TCM Review
March 16, 2018

To prepare for the CALE, I attended the TCM Review course, took the mock test as well as group tutoring. I feel that this trio kept me focused and motivated. The TCM Review teachers were like loving drill sergeants. They laid the foundation of knowledge that pertained to the CALE and repeated it over and over until it was second nature. I did attend another instructor’s review course and felt TCM Review had no peer. The main differences were that TCM Review hands you the information completely so the stress of hunting down answers was not there. Another big difference is there is concrete information that is always focused on CALE. I truly believe that TCM Review gave me the tools to pass the CALE the first time. Because of the preparation they offer, I finished the test in a little over 4 hours (like they trained us) and felt calm and at ease during the test. You can’t go wrong with TCM Review!