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Pass Rates For CALE 2014:
South Baylo: 100% PASS
Yo San: 100% PASS
Dong Guk: 100% PASS
Bastyr: 100% PASS

ECTOM: 10 total / 9 passed
AIMC: 5 total / 4 passed
ACTCM: 6 total / 5 passed
PCOM: 11 total / 10 passed

Consistently High Scores for 17 years!
Our method works for CALE/NCCAOM.

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Created by Acupuncturists, for Acupuncturists

The TCM Review Seminars teaching staff have dedicated their lives to the healing tradition of Chinese Medicine. As both instructors and practitioners, our core faculty have gone through the steps to become a licensed acupuncturist, and are equally committed to teaching both at TCM Review Seminars, and at accredited Chinese Medicine institutions in California.  With a wealth of experience, we have created classes to provide a concise acupuncture review course that will cover everything you need to pass your acupuncture board exams. 

Build Your Test Taking Confidence

We offer live interactive Webinars and recorded Webinars, allowing you options that accommodate both your learning process, and your schedule. From the first class to the last, the Webinars support you in retaining the required information, while simultaneously building your confidence to meet the environment of standardized testing.  “Prepare to Pass” your acupuncture board exam for either CALE exam prep or NCCAOM exam prep.

TCM Review Seminars Flashcards

For CALE and NCCAOM Exams


Multiple subjects of flash cards available to help you pass your acupuncture board exams – with subject matter geared specifically towards the CALE and NCCAOM board exams! You don’t need to be a student of TCM Review Seminars to use these great tools to help you pass your acupuncture board exam. Order by subject or as a group.

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Handbook of Oriental Medicine (5th Ed.)

By HB Kim

Handbook of Oriental Medicine

Handbook of Oriental Medicine


This is a book composed exclusively of tables and charts. As such, it is an invaluable reference for students who are preparing for licensure examinations. All material is reviewed in a systematic, thorough, and accessible manner – including fundamental theory, diagnosis, acupuncture therapy, herbs, formulas, Western medicine, plus CNT and other regulations.


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