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How do I access the online quizzes?  What is my login and password for the online quiz site? 2017-03-26T07:33:05+00:00

The link to the quiz website is located in the navigation once you log in to your student account. An email from with login and password were sent to you with 48 hours of registrating for your course. Please contact us if you can’t find your login information.

When and where is the Mock Exam for the CALE Review Course? Do I need to register? 2017-03-26T07:34:49+00:00

Students taking the full CALE Review Course are automatically registered to take the live Mock Exam nearest their home/mailing address. The Mock Exam is an excellent way to prepare yourself mentally and psychologically for the CALE.

The Mock Exam takes place three to four weeks before the CALE at two locations – one in the San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley) and one in Southern California in the Los Angeles area (Yo San University). Details about time and location will be posted sent out via email in the weeks leading up to the Mock Exam.

If you live out of state or more than 2 hours away from our testing sites, please contact us to arrange for your test.


What materials do I need to prepare for my course(s)? 2017-03-26T07:37:12+00:00

Besides the Course Reader, which is included in the price of tuition (Full NCCAOM and CALE only. Individual modules have downloadable files), you are required to have the Handbook of Oriental Medicine by HB Kim. If you have not acquired it, you can purchase it on our website.

In addition, there are sets TCM Review Seminars flash cards for both CALE and NCCAOM Review Courses available for purchase in our store.

What are the costs of the various options for the NCCAOM Review Course? 2017-03-26T07:37:48+00:00

NCCAOM Full Course Tuition $460
Individual Modules $150

We often run promotions for NCCAOM Review Courses. Please see the Cost and Registration page for more information.


Why TCM Review Seminars? 2017-03-26T07:39:38+00:00

Board exams are challenging enough. Why undertake them on your own? TCM Review has been successful teaching board review since 1997. We have more experience then any other review company operating today. When it comes to board review, experience is everything and our pass rates can attest to that.

All of our teachers have sat for the NCCAOM/CALE exams. They know better then anyone how to pass the tests. With over 60 years of cumulative knowledge of  TCM medicine, our team has the teaching experience you need to successful pass your board exams the first time. Why look any where else?

Our site is user friendly. You can log in to class, watch videos, work on test questions from anywhere in the world. The site responds to your device, not the other way around.

Is TCM Review Seminars right for me? 2017-03-26T07:41:46+00:00

With the recent advances in technology, it is becoming easier to have access to high quality education whenever and where ever you like. But how do you stay motivated without a live course experience in real time with someone to monitor your progress?  Courses come with detailed study guides to again provide you with structure. We also offer a weekly drop in Q&A for all modules.  Basically free group tutoring where we can give out extra homework assignments based on a student’s ability. Since implementing these two changes, students report that they no longer finding themselves at the end of their subscriptions without having started their course.

How do you pick instructors? 2017-03-26T07:42:33+00:00

TCM Review instructors are selected from the best of the best. Instructors must be native English speakers who also have teaching experience in TCM education. Each instructor is chosen because they are a expert in their subject matter. They have the ability to speak with deep understanding on the topic that they are teaching. While board review can be very specific to the test, our teachers can bring in theory where needed as well as guiding you through exactly what is needed for your board exams.

What sets TCM Review Seminars biomedicine program apart from other review courses? 2017-03-26T07:43:19+00:00

Our biomedicine instructors all previously had careers in the field of biomedicine. Acupuncture is their second career. They have all sat for their acupuncture board exams, giving them keen insight into what exactly is needed to guide students successful through the biomedicine sections on their acupuncture board exams.

Is the material for CALE and NCCAOM really that different? 2017-03-26T07:44:12+00:00

The CALE (CA Boards) and NCCAOM are two different tests. While Foundations and Acupuncture sections of the course cover about 85% of the same material, the Biomedicine and Herbology are vastly different. The main issue is that the focus for NCCAOM and CALE on all these subjects is vastly different. Having taught board review for these exams since 1997, we have the expertise to best guide you through each test.

How closely does TCM Review Seminars follow the NCCAOM/CALE? 2017-03-26T07:45:15+00:00

Very closely. Having taught board review since 1997, we have an inside understanding of both exams. What their strengths and weaknesses are and how they have changed over time. We can prepare you academically but also emotionally and mentally for the nuances of each exam.

Will I need to take extra review classes in addition to your CALE/NCCAOM prep courses? 2017-01-11T15:41:55+00:00

Our reviews are complete. Everything you need to know for your exams is covered in our courses. If you follow the study schedules, watch the courses, do the reading assignments, you will be “Prepared to Pass” your exams.

How often are your recorded courses updated? 2017-01-11T15:42:16+00:00

New videos are released every 6 months for both the CALE and NCCAOM courses.

Can I share my subscription with other students? 2017-03-26T07:46:25+00:00

Each membership is for personal use only. We do monitor your IP addresses and login patterns. Any overages or usual patterns, will set off a red flag on our end. If we suspect account sharing, your account will be suspended without a refund.

How do you develop your test questions for your test bank? 2017-03-26T07:47:12+00:00

Our strategy is to use the information from the textbooks on the board book lists. Board exams are not based on clinical knowledge. These are theory tests with information coming directly from the textbooks that they list. It is extremely important to stick with the material on the board lists so that you are successful on your exams.Having taught board review since 1997, we use our knowledge of Chinese Medicine together with our knowledge of the board exams to develop the most pertinent information you need to pass your exams.

How do I register? 2017-01-11T15:42:38+00:00

Register here on our secure site. Register now ››

I heard there was a group discount. How people many need to be in the group and how do I register my group? 2017-03-26T07:50:24+00:00

Yes, there is a group discount for five or more students. for the CALE . The Group Discount cost is $600 per student for CALE.  No group discounts are available for the CALE.  For more information or to register your group, contact us.

What are the costs of the various options for the CALE Review Course? 2017-03-26T07:52:00+00:00

CALE Tuition $690
CALE Group Discount $600
CALE Course Retake $350

Can I retake the CALE Review Course and what is the cost? 2017-03-26T07:51:17+00:00

Yes, you can retake the CALE Review Course at a later date for a discounted rate of $350. In the past, some of our students have had to hold off taking the CALE  for personal and professional reasons, and wanted the option of taking  the review course again.

What is the schedule for the next course? 2017-01-11T15:46:27+00:00
Please refer to scheduling information on the CALE page > More Course Info link › Schedule tab (on the popup).
How do I access the Recorded Webinars? 2017-03-26T07:54:45+00:00

To access the webinars, please login in to your student account.

What is the time limit for viewing each recording? 2017-03-26T07:56:40+00:00

There are no time limits on how often you can view the video classes.  You will have access to the video material for the duration of your NCCAOM course.  180 days for NCCAOM full course and 90 days for the modules

What materials do I need for class? 2017-03-26T07:57:59+00:00
  • The Handbook of Oriental Medicine (5th Edition) by HB Kim: The premiere study guide for students of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is available ON THIS WEBSITE for purchase on Amazon and other vendors on the internet.  This is a required text.
  • TCM Review Seminars Course Reader: The course reader is included in the price of the CALE and NCCAOM.  Modules have downloadable documents. If you would like to purchase the NCCAOM course book, please contact us.
  • High speed internet connection. If you’re questioning your internet connection speed and whether you’ll be able to watch the videos without interruption, please consult our website. Under COURSE INFORMATION › Technical Specifications tab (half way down the page) of whichever course you wish to register for. Go to NCCAOM or CALE ››
  • Other then that, a solid internet connection is needed and reliable computer, tablet, iPad or smartphone

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