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When will be course expire?2023-05-28T16:07:50-07:00

Each course comes with a unique membership length, ranging from 90 days to 2 years. We understand how important it is for you to keep track of your course duration, so want to share how our system expires courses. We use the 24-hour clock to determine expiration times.  Your course expires one minute before the original purchase time.

For example, if you purchased your course at 3:45 pm, it will expire at 3:44 pm on the last day of the membership. To determine the exact expiration time, simply take note of the timestamp on your purchase receipt email and subtract 5 minutes from that time. It’s good to create a little buffer in case there was a delay in delivering your email receipt.

In case you need more time to complete your course, don’t worry! We offer extensions and upgrades for all our courses. To explore these options and find the best fit for you, please reach out to our friendly team at before your course expires.

Where is my order?2023-05-22T10:42:25-07:00

We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to get your order to you as soon as possible. For flashcards, please allow 1-2 business days for shipping. As for print-on-demand book orders, they typically take 5-7 days to produce, and the shipping time varies depending on your location.

Am I eligible for a student discount?2023-05-22T10:44:24-07:00

Yes, if you purchase a course and a course reader together, you will automatically receive a discount on the course reader. The discount is applied to your shopping cart at the time of purchase. Please note that the discount is only available when you purchase the course.

Why should I study with TCM Review and Bina Jangda?2022-08-24T19:13:18-07:00

As the pioneer of acupuncture board review courses since 1998, TCM Review Seminars is dedicated to providing quality training.

Board exams are challenging enough. Is it worth tackling them on your own? We have more experience than any other review company operating today. When it comes to board review, experience is everything and our pass rates can attest to that.

Bina is committed to making sure every single one of her students passes their board exams. One and Done! Her teaching experience spans over 25 years, including board review for CALE, NCCAOM, and Pan Canadian exams. All courses include recorded videos, online quizzes, mock exams, and  daily multiple-choice test questions posted by Bina via a private Facebook group.  These groups are like gold!

The system Bina has created is very comprehensive. All of this is included in the course price. Additional charges apply for tutoring sessions exceeding 15 minutes.

Is Bina available for questions beyond the live, online and recorded classes?2022-08-24T19:13:55-07:00

Absolutely. If you have questions, you can reach Bina via your course Facebook group page, via e-mail, or by telephone. Each course includes regular small group tutoring sessions where Bina is available for questions and study assistance online. You can also schedule a private, 15-minute Zoom session with her for more individualized assistance. Access to these resources is free for all active members.

You offer board review classes for the California Acupuncture Exam (CALE) AND the US National Exams (NCCAOM). Can’t I just take one of these courses instead?2022-08-24T19:16:06-07:00

The topics and textbooks used for the CALE and NCCAOM exams are similar to each other; however, the type of questions, the emphasis on specific information, and the question style are entirely different. Bina has been teaching both exams since 2008. She keeps both courses updated with the changes that occur on either exam. It is not recommended to take CALE in preparation for NCCAOM or vice-versa. You want to pass your board exam on the first try, do it right, and do it once. One and Done!

Do you have students I can talk with who have taken your review course?2023-05-19T14:39:56-07:00

Absolutely! Our past students have had good experiences with our course and they are willing to share their experiences with you. Just contact us here and we’re happy to find someone for you to talk to.

How do I access the online videos? Can I download them?2022-08-24T19:18:42-07:00

Student accounts provide access to all course materials, including recorded video classes and live online classes. You will be prompted to create a login and password during the registration process. Since this is your personal account on the site, please keep this information safe.

Our courses are subscription-based. The videos cannot be downloaded, copied, or kept in any other way. There are international copyright laws that protect this site and its content.

What is the difference between a live online class and a recorded class?2022-08-24T19:19:42-07:00

Classes are offered in two formats:

In an online classroom, you will be able to join live classes using an app that allows you to interact with your teacher and other students in real time. Attending live online classes requires a computer or tablet that is connected to the Internet, with a webcam, microphone, and speaker.

Pre-recorded classes are videos you can rewind, fast forward, and watch as many times as you like while they are on the internet with your current, active subscription.

What is the time limit for viewing each recorded class?2022-08-24T19:24:43-07:00

The videos and test bank are available immediately after registration until your subscription expires.

How do I access the online quizzes?2022-08-24T19:26:11-07:00

Bina and her team spent over a year developing a proprietary quiz plugin that has all the features students need for learning through testing. With an active subscription, you can access this plugin through your student portal 24/7.

When should I register for your courses? How do I register?2022-08-24T19:29:04-07:00

Courses are enrolled during the last year of school. When you sign up will depend on how much time you feel you need.

If you are fast at learning and memorizing large amounts of information and you have full days to study for your board exams: Sign up during your final term.

In the case that you learn slowly, have work or family obligations, or come from a classical or 5 Element Medical school (both NCCAOM and CALE exams test Zang Fu Theory): Sign up in the last year of your program.

There are options for 6-, 9-, and 12-month courses.

If you are interested in taking any of our courses, you can purchase them through our Cost and Registration page.

What tech is TCMREVIEW.COM compatible with?2022-08-24T19:32:12-07:00

You will need:

  1. A reliable high-speed internet connection to access the material.
  2. An updated browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser. Oftentimes students don’t realize that browser release new updates every few months. Running our program on an outdated browser will lead to buffering issues with the videos.
  3. Our program will work on 4G and 5G network if you prefer to access it via your phone.
Can I share my subscription with other students?2022-08-24T19:34:19-07:00

Memberships are for personal use only. Login patterns and IP addresses are monitored. An overage or unusual pattern will set off a red flag for us. Your account will be locked if we suspect account sharing. Your membership will be canceled without a refund. Account sharing is not permitted.

What happens if I run out of time before I finish the course?2023-05-19T14:40:46-07:00

There are three lengths available for all TCM Review courses. There are memberships available for up to one year for all courses.

Your studies can be extended by ONE time if you find that they are taking longer than planned. With proof of your scheduled exam date, current school enrollment, or a recent letter of failure from the testing board, you can extend your course for either 1 month or 2 months.

Can I pause my membership?2023-05-28T16:08:49-07:00

CALE and NCCAOM courses can be put on hold at any time. The course can be paused once and resumed once. It’s required that you pause your course for a minimum of one week. Pauses for less time are not allowed. In order to suspend or resume a course, notify us no more than 24 hours in advance. If you submit a request after 3pm Pacific time on Friday, it will be handled the next business day.

It is important to note that all course holds expire one year from the date of the original course purcase. You may not reactivate the course after this date. Please refer to your course receipt to determine this date.

Contact us at to pause or activate your course.

Do you provide NCCAOM with the 45-hour certificate of additional education?2023-05-28T16:08:38-07:00

As per the NCCAOM EXAM RETAKING POLICY, candidates may be required to complete 45 hours of additional education following multiple failed attempts.

Applicants must earn 45 additional hours in the failed domain area(s) within one year before submitting the NCCAOM Request for Additional  Exam Attempts Form. 

The individual NCCAOM courses we offer meet the NCCAOM requirements. If necessary, we can provide you with a certificate for 45+ hours.

Please contact for more information.

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