Why TCM Review Seminars, Inc. and Bina Jangda, LAc, MSOM?2020-04-24T14:22:38-07:00

Board exams are challenging enough. Why undertake them on your own? TCM Review has been successfully teaching board review since 1998. We have more experience than any other review company operating today. When it comes to board review, experience is everything and our pass rates can attest to that.

All of our teachers have sat for the Pan Canadian/CALE/NCCAOM exams. They know better than anyone how to pass the tests. Our team has the teaching experience you need to successfully pass your board exams the first time. Why look anywhere else?

Our site is user friendly. You can log in to class, watch videos and work on test questions from anywhere in the world. The site responds to your device, not the other way around.

Why should I study with TCM Review and Bina’s acupuncture review classes?2020-04-24T14:25:28-07:00

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of material you need to learn? Not sure where to start or how to organize the material? Worried you might not study the right material? Need someone to help lay out a plan for study and make sure you are tracked to pass your boards? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this is the right course for you.

Bina is committed to make sure every single one of her students passes their board exams. One and Done! She has been a teacher for over 25 years and has taught board review for NCCAOM and CALE for the past 12 years. This system that Bina has created is very complete with video lectures, quizzes, mock exams, bi-monthly tutoring sessions and an active Facebook page where students can ask questions 24/7.

How is your course different from other review courses out there?2020-04-24T14:48:24-07:00

TCM Review Seminars has been the pioneer in acupuncture board review courses since 1998.

Whether you are taking the CALE exam or one of the NCCAOM exams, each course includes recorded videos, online quizzes, mock exams and a private Facebook group where Bina posts a multiple-choice test question M-F. These groups are like gold. You can meet other students studying for the same exam, find study partners and ask questions.

All courses include small group tutoring twice a month. These sessions are live online. You can attend them from the comfort of your own home. In these one-hour sessions, Bina gives study tips and tricks that will help you study smarter, not harder. Then, she opens up the floor for any questions that students might have. These can be questions on how to study, how to structure your time or questions about specific topics. Bina keeps the session open until all students have had an opportunity to have their questions answered.

Is Bina available for questions beyond the recorded classes and live online classes?2020-04-24T14:48:59-07:00

Absolutely. Bina can be reached via the Facebook group, email or phone for questions. There is a twice monthly meeting where Bina is available online for questions and study help.

You offer board review classes for California Acupuncture Exam AND the US National Exams. Can’t I just take one of these courses instead?2020-04-24T14:49:27-07:00

While the topics and to some extent the textbooks used for both the CALE and NCCAOM exams are similar or even the same, the type of questions, the emphasis on specific information and the style of question is completely different. Bina has personally been teaching for both exams since 2008. She has her finger on the pulse of both exams and structures both course s to reflect the changes that happen on either exam. It is not advisable to take the CALE course to prepare for the NCCAOM or vice versa. When it comes to your board exam, you want to do it right, do it once and pass on the first try. One and Done!

Do you have students I can talk with who have taken your review course?2020-04-24T14:49:41-07:00

Absolutely, our past students have had good experiences with our course and they are willing to share their experiences with you. Just contact us here and we’re happy to find someone for you to talk to.

How do I access the online videos? Can I download and keep these videos?2020-04-24T14:49:51-07:00

All course materials from the recorded video classes to the live online classes are accessible via your student account. During registration, you will be asked to provide a login and password. Keep this safe as this is your own private account on the site.

Our course is a subscription-based course. You cannot download, copy or in any other way keep the videos. The site and its content are protected by international copyright laws.

What is the difference between a Live Online class and a Recorded class?2020-04-24T14:46:51-07:00

We offer classes in two different formats:

Live classes are in real time in an online classroom using a meeting app that allows for live interaction with the teacher and your fellow students. Each student will need a computer or tablet that is connected to the Internet with webcam, microphone and speaker capabilities to attend the live online classes.

Recorded classes are pre-recorded videos that you can rewind, fast forward and watch as many times as you like while they are posted.

What is the time limit for viewing each recorded class?2021-11-04T19:13:19-07:00

Videos and the test bank of questions are available to you from the moment registration is complete until your subscription expires.

How do I access the online quizzes?2020-04-24T14:50:20-07:00

Bina and her team spent over a year designing and building a proprietary quiz plugin that has all the features that she sees students need when it comes to learning through testing. This plugin is accessible through your student portal and is available to you 24/7 with an active subscription.

When should I register for your courses? How do I register?2021-11-04T18:56:33-07:00

Students sign up for the courses in the last year of school. Depending on how much time you feel you need, will determine when you sign up.

If you can learn and memorize large amounts of information quickly and you have full days that you can focus on board exam study:  Sign up during the last term of your program.

If you learn slowly, have work/ family obligations or are coming from a 5 Element or Classical Medicine school (both the NCCAOM and CALE exams test on Zang Fu Theory): Sign up during the last year of your program.

All courses have 6- , 9-, and 12- month options.

To register for any of our courses, simply go to the Cost and Registration page and purchase the course you would like to take.

What tech is tcmreview.com compatible with?2020-04-24T14:50:35-07:00

You will need:

  1. A reliable high-speed internet connection to access the material.
  2. An updated browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser. Oftentimes students don’t realize that browser release new updates every few months. Running our program on an outdated browser will lead to buffering issues with the videos.
  3. Our program will work on 4G and 5G network if you prefer to access it via your phone.
Can I share my subscription with other students?2020-04-24T14:59:51-07:00

Each membership is for personal use only. We do monitor your IP addresses and login patterns. Any overages or unusual patterns will set off a red flag on our end. If we suspect account sharing, your account will be locked. You will lose your membership without a refund. Please don’t share your account.

What happens if I run out of time before I finish the course?2021-11-04T19:14:32-07:00

TCM Review offers 3 different course lengths for all its courses. All courses have up to one year memberships.

If you find that it is taking you longer than planned to finish your studies, You can purchase ONE max. extension for your course for either 1 month or 2 months only.

Can I pause my membership?2021-11-09T08:04:46-08:00

You can pause-restart your course one time. Pauses must be longer than 1 week. Email us the day before you want to pause or restart your course.

All course purchases and account holds must be used up within 1 year from the date of your original purchase.

What happens if I have an emergency and can’t study during my subscription period?2021-11-04T18:52:49-07:00

We do allow students in the NCCAOM or the CALE courses  to put their course on hold. These courses must be used up within 365 days of purchase. Please contact admin@tcmreview.com to discuss options.

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