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  • 6-month, 9-month or 12-month access to CALE videos (unlimited viewing) and quiz platform with over 5000 test questions

  • Regular Assessment Quizzes

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  • 4 full-length (200 questions) Practice Exams

  • Facebook group access with daily questions

  • Bi-Monthly small group tutoring

  • 8 weeks of case study analysis and drills

  • Free 15-minute coaching calls as needed

  • Requirements: Device with internet connection

After a long, expensive education, why leave passing the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam to chance? Partner with Bina so you are…





  • Video Reviews for Foundations, Acupuncture, Herbology and Biomedicine

  •  6 months, 9 months or 12 months  access to full NCCAOM course (matches the CALE membership you purchase)

  • Facebook group access

  • Bi-monthly small group tutoring

  • Mock exams for each module

  • Access to online quiz platform with over 4,500 test questions

  • Start NCCAOM modules with your CALE course or place them on hold for up to one year from the day of purchase.

  • NCCAOM course books are included when you purchase the CALE course books.

  • Updated material meets current NCCAOM content outline

  • Requirements: Device with internet connection

REGULARLY: $925  NOW ONLY $675 (6 months)

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Quizzes and practice questions and tests with video and live classes


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Bina Jangda, Director of TCM Review Seminars

Bina Jangda is your trusted partner in passing your board exams. She has empowered students to pass their acupuncture board exams on the first try for over 16 years.  One and Done!

Prepare to pass using this intelligent, well-vetted system that has helped over 19,500 acupuncture students (and counting) pass their acupuncture board exams in North America and Canada.


Perfectly organized material, flexible study schedules, continuous support from a dedicated and passionate team which all contribute to a smarter way of studying in minimal time. The process of preparation for the board exam is already so stressful, but Bina made it much easier through her tremendous class and teaching method. The class not only helps us pass the board exams but also solidifies incorporated foundation of our knowledge to our future practice in TCM. She knows what you need to focus on and truly cares about you passing and doing your best.

Bina, Thank you so much for helping me succeed. I am forever grateful and it’s been an honor to be one of your students.

– Maryam N.

CALE, 2020

I highly recommend TCM Review to anyone taking boards. It’s just the most efficient way to study! Bina is a talented teacher, and the course material is just spot on. I was absolutely overwhelmed with 4 years worth of information after graduation. I opted for the self-paced course, and it provided plenty of structure for me when I needed it the most. Bina’s test questions helped me to actively study and identify my weakest areas. The live case studies classes were engaging and memorable. Also, I didn’t know a thing about scalp acupuncture before TCM Review. Bina fixed that! And thank heavens because scalp acupuncture showed up multiple times on my exam today. Bina is very patient and kindly takes her time to help students understand concepts. She also provides A+ moral support for a huge exam. I’m so grateful that I passed the first time around! Thank you Bina and the whole TCM Review team!!

Cynthia F.

CALE, 2021

I am so grateful to have had the guidance from Bina and TCM Review. The course took a huge amount of stress off my mind in that I didn’t have to worry about what to study, as TCM Review presented it all in a wonderfully organized and user-friendly format. I enjoyed logging on each day and working through the videos, handouts and practice tests. I found that Bina and her staff were promptly and thoroughly responsive to questions, which also was a stress-reducer. I found the course materials tremendously helpful and invaluable study tools. Not only did TCM review help me to pass my Board exam, I know that I will be a better clinician after having taken the course. After graduating acupuncture school, I felt that there were several hazy areas or loose ends that weren’t fully clear to me. After all Bina’s tutorials and studying the course materials, several concepts were made completely clear, which I appreciate tremendously. Thanks, Bina!

– Dani C.


Thank you so much for your simplified way of explaining acupuncture. I failed my first time and was so distraught and discouraged. I have never failed a board exam and I have taken many for my other profession. I literally gave up for a whole year and almost lost hope. Thank you Bina for helping me gain confidence. I passed my acupuncture board 30 mins ago and I am completely elated….. Your awesome!

– Alexandria


Bina Jangda is a superb instructor. Through her calm and steady direction, knowledgable instruction and exceptional teaching and test-taking techniques, I passed the California exam with flying colors!!! By following her step by step instructions and sound advice for studying for this test, my confidence was increased. I routinely did the visualizations where I imagined passing the test and invested many hours of study time. The night before the exam, I didn’t think I was prepared enough and Bina reassured me that I was ready to take the test and that I would pass. She spent quality time with me on the phone looking up my current and past scores on the assessment tests, drills and mock exams. The scores were within an excellent range to pass. While taking the test I remembered many of the techniques she taught me to use and they were very effective. In my opinion, this is the ONLY exam prep course to consider taking. Thank you, Bina and team!

– Anjie R.

CALE, 2019

You have helped me accomplish a dream that I have never dreamt of or even thought was possible. I didn’t know how I was going to get through school or even pass the State Boards. Studying with you has been a huge blessing for me. You provided the structure I needed to stay focused throughout my studies for the State Board. You brilliantly organized each week with an important topic and went over each question thoroughly. I enjoyed your weekly case studies, because you taught us how to eliminate the wrong answers to get to the best answer. I enjoyed learning from all of your drills too. I have learned a tremendous amount from all of your videos and from your staff, they were all well done. Your Classmarker quizzes and drills were a great study tool also. Your dedication in helping us pass our test the first time around shined through with your continued emotional support. You offered to give us pep talks when we got stressed out with all of the material we needed to study. You always encouraged us to keep going and never to give up. You definitely took the word “over” out of overwhelmed with your loving kindness. Most importantly, you believed in all of us when we didn’t believe in ourselves. For all of the above and than some, I am extremely grateful for all that you have done for me. Keep up your great work and thank you for inspiring me to do and be the best I can be every day.

– Ruby S.

CALE, 2019

TCM Review & Bina’s tutorial classes more than prepared me for the California Acupuncture License Exam (CALE). CALE information is enormous and Bina’s guidance helped me successfully navigate some tricky questions. It is all in the details, and she helps you identify the very important often overlooked small stuff. I’m definitely using her for NCCAOM!

Phil R.
CALE 2020