While there is some overlap between the CALE / NCCAOM / Pan Canadian exams, these tests are vastly different. When developing our courses, we use the content outlines provided by each exam’s governing body (California Acupuncture Board, NCCAOM, and CTCMPAO).  Exam bibliographies, content outlines, testing styles, and test criteria are unique to each exam. The devil is in the details. There are courses that provide one course for all three exams. In our experience, this does not produce the pass rates that students rely on from TCM Review Seminars. Ultimately, we want to ensure that all students pass the first time. If you put in the study hours to pass the exam, we want to make sure you have the correct information for your specific exam.

With Bina’s extensive experience in teaching both exams, our courses are consistently updated to align with the latest exam changes. We strongly advise against taking the CALE course as preparation for the NCCAOM exam, or vice versa. To maximize your chances of passing on your first attempt, it’s crucial to choose the right course tailored to your specific exam. Let us help you achieve success with our focused and targeted board review classes.

A list of topics and classes for each exam is available on each exam’s page. Select the exam you would like to take from the menu bar above.