Students sign up for the courses in the last year of school, depending on how much time you feel you need will determine when you sign up.

If you can learn and memorize large amounts of information quickly and you did very well in school:  Sign up during the last term of your program

If you learn slowly, did not do well in school or are coming from a 5 Element or Classical Medicine school (both the NCCAOM and CALE exams test on Zang Fu Theory): Sign up during the last year of your program. You might need an extension on your course or you might decide you want to take the course several times. There are multiple options available.

For the CALE Guided (Track 2) option: Classes start the first Monday in February, May, August and November. The course is 6 months long.

For CALE Self-Paced (Track 1) or any of the NCCAOM courses: Enrollment is open year-round. You will have access to the material immediately upon registering for the course

To register for any of our courses, simply go to the Cost and Registration page and purchase the course you would like to take.