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Jen B., LAc. 2012

TCM Review was the perfect way for me to prep for the CALE. I originally chose it because it was the most affordable and convenient option I found out there, but I ended up appreciating the sense of community and support I experienced from the instructors and other students even more. The online quizzes and


Tisa Anderson, CALE 2014

Thank you TCM Review!!!! I couldn't have passed the CALE without you!!! I had passed the first time in 2002 when I was fresh out of school. I then moved out of state and let my CA License expire (NOT recommended). I made the decision to move back to CA and had to retake the


K. Lowitz, LAc, CALE 2015

This was an amazing class and a TOTAL lifesaver. I signed up for another course at first, and when I realized what I was missing, I decided to switch over. I am so glad I did. Bina's content and thoroughness is unmatched. She drills you repeatedly so you really know the information. I actually felt


Y. Fushimi, MSOM, LAc, CALE March 2016

Looking for a review course? TCM review seminars!!! Why? #1. Very personal course, even though the class basically on the web. She answered all the questions like in a classroom. #2. Very organized and concise teaching method. As I have a full time job, it was not easy to manage work & study. Moreover, in


Benjamin Dierauf, LAc, MSOM, ACTCM

As a former academic dean at AIMC Berkeley, I'm impressed with how TCM Review condenses the essence of what's required for passing the CALE while offering a broad overview of the foundations of the medicine that really helps students solidify the vast amount of material they've been digesting for the last 3+ years. Along with


Jacqueline Guzman

I would not think twice about going with TCM review. I worked with other review courses and if you're looking for a non-judgemental and calm environment in all levels as you prep for CALE Bina and everyone at TCM review make that happen. Thank you all from TCM review. I struggled to find my rhythm


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