TCM Review
June 1, 2015

I highly recommend TCM Review to anyone taking boards.  It’s just the most efficient way to study!  Bina is a talented teacher, and the course material is just spot on.  I was absolutely overwhelmed with 4 years worth of information after graduation. I opted for the self-paced course, and it provided plenty of structure for me when I needed it the most.  Bina’s test questions helped me to actively study and identify my weakest areas. The live case studies classes were engaging and memorable. Also, I didn’t know a thing about scalp acupuncture before TCM Review. Bina fixed that!  And thank heavens because scalp acupuncture showed up multiple times on my exam today. Bina is very patient and kindly takes her time to help students understand concepts.  She also provides A+ moral support for a huge exam.  I’m so grateful that I passed the first time around!  Thank you Bina and the whole TCM Review team!!