TCM Review
March 6, 2017

I took the TCM Online Review course for the February 2013 CALE, and it was the best decision I could have made in terms of preparing for this exam, and everybody who works there is supportive and motivating. Upon graduation, I felt extremely confidant in my core understanding of TCM, but I was not fully confidant about the CALE (passing a licensing exam isn’t always limited to a reflection of what you know). Taking the TCM Review course provided a fantastic and succinct summary of the TCM Core curriculum (yes, they actually teach!) as well as providing us with tools and resources on how to become efficient test takers (how to dissect questions and choose the BEST answer). This was especially true for the formulas & western sections (for me personally). The overview of formulas with TCM Review was better than any class I had taken, and there was quite a bit in the Western modules that wasn’t covered in my classes at school. I recommend this class to anybody and everybody taking the CALE.