TCM Review
March 6, 2017

After several years of intense coursework and clinic, I had one final hump to get over before realizing my dream of becoming a licensed acupuncturist, the CALE. I knew I had several years of strong schooling, preparation and tools at my fingertips, but my study stamina had really begun to wane and self motivating was a struggle. With TCM Review, I found exactly what I needed to prepare for the final push toward the California Licensing exam. With a clearly defined schedule of classes, homework, milestones and expectations, I was able to simply follow the outline laid before me and do the work. The community setting, drills and words of encouragement put me over the top and made for a very enjoyable test prep period. It was by no means easy, but I had the support I needed to get the job done and passed my exam with flying colors. When preparing for the CALE I would recommend two things: taking a deep breath and signing up for TCM Review. Big Thanks to Bina and her crew for keeping us calm, focused and confident.