TCM Review
May 25, 2015

In studying Herbs, many lessons have been learned. How I learn became number #1.

With Bina’s Course, I was able to calmly strengthen my understanding of Chinese Medicine. Before
delving into each category, an introduction of basic theory set an overall tone especially for the

Advice was given to the students to adjust the study schedule for and when life events arise, which I felt
more and more comfortable and confident to take seriously.

Previous attempts of failing, and having up to 40 minutes remaining of the test on several occasions,
forced me to calm down between questions. (I used the crossing hands and ankles and breathing as well
as imagining I was doing martial arts forms.)

Also, I appreciated the various extensions and workbooks and flashcards that gave both physical and
emotional support.

Pretty much, if I can take several years to Pass, so can everyone!