TCM Review
March 7, 2018

It’s been just 5 days since i took the CALE board exam. No, it wasn’t a walk in the park but it would’ve been more difficult if it wouldn’t be for the TCM review course. The course taught me how to be quick on my feet, think outside the box and come up with the best answer to any kind of question. I felt there wasn’t an area on the board that we hadn’t covered one way or the other in our classes. Literally from the fist days of the course I felt a personal connection with the instructors. All my questions were addressed with prompt and detailed attention. From the first class, Bina really makes an effort to get to know students on a personal level, adapt to everybody’s learning style and provide moral as well as spiritual support that extends way beyond class material. Can’t imagine a better way to get prepared for the CALE or/and NCCAOM board exams. Thank you TCM Review!