TCM Review
June 22, 2015

I want to thank you Bina and your team. It is amazing how positive actions have such an exponential effect. In reference to the exam, I was surprised that it was not as difficult as I expected, the practices that we had in computer-facilitated this new modality, I am from the old school and I like the paper more. But thanks to the fact that we had the opportunity to practice the questionnaires on a computer, I think it was not difficult for me to take the exam at the PSI center in Santa Clara.
Thanks Bina, you have a great teaching facility. And together with your team, you make a very enriching and entertaining experience in these reviews. This was a very intense year for everyone. THANK YOU. I hope the Universe will fill you with blessings, that you will continue to help as long as you can, and I hope you always remember that you are changing the world, you have already changed mine.