TCM Review
March 13, 2018

TCM Review .com was a fantastic means of preparing for the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam, which I took August 2011. Even though this Summer the TCM Review was presented in a Webinar fashion, for which I initially had grave doubts about (and due to many and varied technical difficulties through the technical company, and NOT through the TCM .com presenters, my suspicions were apt), the Webinar protocol turned out to be a great and actually very personal means of studying five thousand years of information in an eight-week period. I PASSED the CALE— and, I am very happy about that. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bina and her team of professional teachers for their dedication, and the information and presentation of this complex subject matter as it relates to the CALE. It was totally appropriate and spot-on the subject matter, and made the trip to Sacramento much less intimidating and much more hopeful than if I had not had access to this study group. Thanks especially to Bina for her assistance, her sense of humour in trying times, and the precise content of the TCM Review course.