May 13, 2023

I got my results today, and I passed. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the course helped me beyond my expectations. I previously had taken the exam when I graduated (about 5 years ago) and did not pass. I actually ended up having a successful career as an e-commerce consultant. This past year, I decided since it was my last year to be eligible (in Canada) to write the exam I should give it a shot.

After being away from the profession for so long, I really wondered if I should just go back to school. I found TCM review through a Google search and thought this is a good alternative but maybe it won’t work for me. I was really amazed when I realized TCM Review taught me a lot more than I learned in school on how to handle the exam. The way the information is laid out, the repetition of key information and learning the skills you taught to solve case studies truly did affect my score. I am forever grateful for your course and would recommend it to any student wanting to make sure they pass.