TCM Review
June 21, 2015

When I signed-up for TCM Review, I was focused on simply passing the CALE and hoped to learn the tips and tricks that would give me a competitive edge over the test. What I ended up receiving was so much more than just a first-time passing score. TCM Review gave me the opportunity to create an organized, theoretical framework into which I integrated all four years of medical school classes. It helped me identify my conceptual weaknesses and gave me new ways to understand vast amounts of information. From Shan Han Lun diagnosis patterns, to standard-of-care biomedical exams, to California practice laws, TCM Review, coupled with Bina’s deeply resourced teaching, helped build the rock-solid foundation onto which I’ve built my acupuncture career.

Don’t miss the opportunity to train with TCM Review and transform yourself into an acu-Olympian!