TCM Review
March 6, 2017

TCM review was my last resort for passing the CALE. I’ve taken other review courses before but was unsuccessful at passing this difficult test. I began to wonder if the problem was me or the test?

The answer became clear once I took Bina’s review class. TCM review literally taught me how to study effectively. It forced me to be more organized with my time management and to become more proactive in my daily study habit.

Bina’s lectures, notes, workbook, and practice tests are like a well orchestrated work of art! The material is clearly presented and well organized. I was able to retain all the information that is necessary for passing the state boards. I did not have to sit in a classroom, study with a group, or travel far. All I needed was the TCM review class online.
Furthermore, Bina’s encouragement throughout the course is relentless. She reaches out to every student, even up to the day of the actual exam. She has a unique gift of helping each student reach his or her full potential.

After taking Bina’s review course just for the very first time, I passed the CALE. I give Bina and TCM review full credit for me passing. Words can’t describe my gratitude.

Thank you Bina!