May 2, 2014

Thank you so much for preparing me so well. I learned so much from the classes that I watched that I have never learned. I felt like you were able to condense the important information that was needed on the NCCAOM acupuncture session. I also liked the way you broke down the functions of each different important points that was so hard to remember, how to do the antique points phone number, as well as the YUAN/LUO/XI point sequences. I also appreciate the way how you broke down the case studies and how to choose the RIGHT choices regardless whether they make sense or not, as long as they work in the point formulas.

What’s great is that some of these point prescription I can bring it out into my own brand new practice and really see them be put to work!! I am so excited and I owe my success largely to Bina for making it more accessible and digestible and my own efforts to studying and doing my best. I LOVE LOVE THIS AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND TCM REVIEW FOR ANY OF THE PORTIONS OF THE BOARDS EXAM! I am so looking forward to taking the Biomedicine and the Herbs portion.