TCM Review
May 12, 2015

Originally, I took the Kim class for Acupuncture and Foundations. Both of my exams were unsuccessful. The content of the course is too dense and the constant use of Google is confusing. TCM Review is a lite version of Kim. If you do not have time for the  endless google searches and tangents, but rather would like a clear and concise course, I recommend TCM Review Seminars. Bina originally purchased this course from HB after he stopped teaching it in 2008. She developed it into what it is today and then shared the new updated material with Kim to get him back up to speed when he was ready to teach again in 2014.

Bina’s teaching style is clear and concise. Her deep understanding of pathophysiology and disease progression makes her a master of TCM. Her knowledge of TCM is unsurpassed. Be sure to attend small group tutoring classes. You can also watch the recordings if you can’t attend the classes. These are gold!

Bina was available to answer all of my questions via email, through the testing platform, and by arranging a free 15 minute one-on-one session with her when I was having difficulties.

One and Done! Thank you Bina!!!!!