May 22, 2023

Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance on the Pan-Canadian Exam Review Courses for R. Acupuncturist, I have passed both Written and Case Studies Exams.

Before I took the review course from your institute, I was only focus on the materials from my own school, didn’t pay attention on the three major books for TCM studies, which are CAM, Maciocia and Deadman.  You pointed out that the three books are basically the bibles of studying TCM and Acupuncture, they are equally important. The most wonderful thing was, you have summarized all the important point in your notes, and basically I only focus on the materials you provided, which you were basically analysis all three books and compared the difference. Not only that, you know the materials by heart, and explained to us very clear and solved our confusion, on diagnosis, differentiation and selecting of acupuncture points for treatment.  You are a wonderful teacher with clear head and care for each student.  Your institute deserve to be recognized internationally. I hope the CTCMPAO will recognize your institute be their approved school for review or upgrade courses.  The method you used are very interactive and flexible, in terms of long-distance learning using Webinar method to save traveling times. I think this teaching media is very useful for students around the world, and the governing sector should approved this type of school.

This year I am going to write the herbal part of TCM practitioner exam for CTCMPAO registration, and I am planning to join TCM review Seminars to study the herbal parts of the exam.  I am sure they are going to give me lots of information and study aids to pass this exam as well.