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What’s Included!

Valuable Exam Prep Tool

Students say this is one of the best exam prep resources for the NCCAOM exam. Course covers information for the Foundations, Acupuncture, Herbology and Biomedicine exams.

Videos +  Question Bank

Video classes for the Foundations, Acupuncture, Herbology and Biomedicine exams.


The online question bank gives students the opportunity to test the material they learn in the online courses. Lots of practice tests so you can walk into your exam confident you will pass on the first try.


Small Group Tutoring

Weekly Live Online tutoring sessions with Bina!

Each session starts with study tips and tricks to help you pass your exams.

Then you’ll get additional coaching and lectures on topics you’re struggling with during the  Q&A

The session ends with a case study practice covering all 4 NCCAOM topics.

One and Done!

One and Done!

Students report that this is the only resource they need to pass all 4 NCCAOM Exams. Read what other students have to say about their experience with TCM Review HERE. 

Discounts on Course Books and Flashcards

Current students receive course books at cost and 10% discount on flashcards. Discounts are applied during check out. Want to purchase these products at a later date? No problem. As long as you have an active membership on the website, we’ll honor the discounts. Send in your receipt to and we will apply a refund to your card.

1 on 1 Zoom Calls  with Bina

With the  NCCAOM Full course,  you have unlimited 15 minute Zoom sessions with Bina. Use these sessions as needed for private 1-on-1 coaching to make sure you are on track to pass your exams.

(First come first serve basses)

Dr. Heidi Bartlett

Bina Jangda, MSOM, LAc
TCM Review Seminars, Inc.

Bina Jangda is a globally recognized author, instructor and practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She has personally taught over 18,000 students to pass their California, NCCAOM and Pan Canadian licensing exam as the founder and Director of TCM Review Seminars since 2008.

Bina’s passion is in TCM education. She loves teaching and is constantly researching and developing new ways to help students study for and pass their board exams. Students often say that she explains complex OM concepts in a way that is easy to understand and that deepens students’ understanding of OM medicine. It’s the course they wish they had in acupuncture school.


Sidney W. 

NCCAOM Acupuncture 2023

Thank you so much for preparing me so well. I learned so much from the classes that I watched that I have never learned. I felt like you were able to condense the important information that was needed on the NCCAOM acupuncture session. I also liked the way you broke down the functions of each different important points that was so hard to remember, how to do the antique points phone number, as well as the YUAN/LUO/XI point sequences. I also appreciate the way how you broke down the case studies and how to choose the RIGHT choices regardless whether they make sense or not, as long as they work in the point formulas. What’s great is that some of these point prescription I can bring it out into my own brand new practice and really see them be put to work!! I am so excited and I owe my success largely to Bina for making it more accessible and digestible and my own efforts to studying and doing my best.

I LOVE LOVE THIS AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND TCM REVIEW FOR ANY OF THE PORTIONS OF THE BOARDS EXAM! I am so looking forward to taking the Biomedicine and the Herbs portion.

Nicole A.

NCCAOM Acupuncture, Foundations, Herbology, and Biomedicine 2023

Thanks team at TCM review! I passed all four exams the first time. The videos were an easy and accessible way to review information I learned in school and introduce topics that weren’t covered. The practice tests were a great way to reinforce knowledge. I used it both on my laptop and home and on my phone while I was out in the world. I recommend tcm review to students I tutor as well because the information is clear and concise. I really appreciated Bina’s case study strategy to eliminate down to the best answer. It definitely improved my confidence and accuracy with case studies in all the subjects.

Amber K.

NCCAOM Foundations and Acupuncture 2023

I wanted to thank TCM review for their support and for creating an effective study program. I was able to pass Foundations & Acu Point location with greater ease. I found the practice tests to be exceptionally helpful as well as Bina’s narrowed down information in the videos. She showed us exactly what to focus on. The information can be overwhelming, so it helped to have this guidance & structure.

Only one left to go, before I can finally move forward. Let’s go “”PASS”” on biomed.

Sophia C.

NCCAOM Foundations 2023

TCM Review was essential to passing my foundations exam. I was able to slowly go through the videos and quizzes as many times as I needed. I am currently using the acupuncture module for my next board exam, and I will be using it again for my biomedicine board. It’s a great resource at a great cost.

Stephen P.

NCCAOM Foundations and Acupuncture 2022

Originally, I took the Kim class for Acupuncture and Foundations. Both of my exams were unsuccessful. The content of the course is too dense and the constant use of Google is confusing. TCM Review is a lite version of Kim. If you do not have time for the  endless google searches and tangents, but rather would like a clear and concise course, I recommend TCM Review Seminars. Bina originally purchased this course from HB after he stopped teaching it in 2008. She developed it into what it is today and then shared the new updated material with Kim to get him back up to speed when he was ready to teach again in 2014.

Bina’s teaching style is clear and concise. Her deep understanding of pathophysiology and disease progression makes her a master of TCM. Her knowledge of TCM is unsurpassed. Be sure to attend small group tutoring classes. You can also watch the recordings if you can’t attend the classes. These are gold!

Bina was available to answer all of my questions via email, through the testing platform, and by arranging a free 15 minute one-on-one session with her when I was having difficulties.

One and Done! Thank you Bina!!!!!

Shenling C.

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations, Herbology and Acupuncture 2022

I just want to thank your for your teaching review course! It is very valuable for me. I really like your organize materials and put things together with comparison. I love your videos, it mad things simple and clear. I love single points material and it is so critical for the exam. You have my appreciation from my heart! I have been learn a lots from you. I will continue to learn from you. Thank you again and you have a beautiful day!

Rhonda C.

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations, Herbology and Acupuncture 2022

Today I just bought my insurance to start my business!!!
I have to say thanks to TCM Review, I took all three tests and passed them the first time!!! I was so unsure, insecure, and nervous, but I totally PASSED!!!
Thank you for helping me so that I may help others 💜💜

Jackie C.

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations, Herbology and Acupuncture 2014

Passed all my NCCAOM exam thanks to TCM Review Seminars. Great Classes! Great Organization! Great Study tools and tips! Great Questions! It’s all in one package. Now I’m going to prepare for the CALE.

Dani C.

NCCAOM Foundations 2022

I am so grateful to have had the guidance from Bina and TCM Review. The course took a huge amount of stress off my mind in that I didn’t have to worry about what to study, as TCM Review presented it all in a wonderfully organized and user-friendly format. I enjoyed logging on each day and working through the videos, handouts and practice tests. I found that Bina and her staff were promptly and thoroughly responsive to questions, which also was a stress-reducer. I found the course materials tremendously helpful and invaluable study tools. Not only did TCM review help me to pass my Board exam, I know that I will be a better clinician after having taken the course. After graduating acupuncture school, I felt that there were several hazy areas or loose ends that weren’t fully clear to me. After all Bina’s tutorials and studying the course materials, several concepts were made completely clear, which I appreciate tremendously. Thanks, Bina!

Kathy T.

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations, Herbology and Acupuncture 2017

I just wanted you to know I passed my final fourth board of Acupuncture and point location because of you guys I really learned a lot from your review class, much love.

Catherine H.

NCCAOM Herbology 2021

In studying Herbs, many lessons have been learned. How I learn became number #1.

With Bina’s Course, I was able to calmly strengthen my understanding of Chinese Medicine. Before delving into each category, an introduction of basic theory set an overall tone especially for the Formulas.

Advice was given to the students to adjust the study schedule for and when life events arise, which I felt more and more comfortable and confident to take seriously.

Previous attempts of failing, and having up to 40 minutes remaining of the test on several occasions, forced me to calm down between questions. (I used the crossing hands and ankles and breathing as well as imagining I was doing martial arts forms.)

Also, I appreciated the various extensions and workbooks and flashcards that gave both physical and emotional support.

Pretty much, if I can take several years to Pass, so can everyone!

Joanne B.

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations, Herbology and Acupuncture 2021

I bought all the review courses but TCM Review is the only one I needed. Thank you Bina and team. Just like you say: One and Done!

Jenna H.

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations, Herbology and Acupuncture 2015

TCM Review Seminars and are the winning combination for NCCAOM board prep. You really don’t need anything other then these two sites to get you through your exams. I passed all 4 exams the first time no problem. TCM Review provides the structure and the didactic instruction. is the practice ground. Don’t waste your time shifting through the others out there. These two have it dialed in!

Corina C.

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations and Acupuncture 2020

I’m so grateful for TCM Review courses. I was able to pass three of the exams thanks to Bina and her team’s expertise and am sure I’ll pass my last Herbology exam with her help as well! I love the new study schedule setup and really felt prepared and that all the information was covered that I needed to pass.

Emily H.

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations, Herbology and Acupuncture 2017

I passed all of my board exams the first time, due in large part to TCM review. I believe TCM review was instrumental in my board exam success. This is especially true for me because I trained overseas and my tutors had no familiarity with US board exams.

To my knowledge, TCM review has a 100% pass rate for students from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and TCM. I am well on my way to getting my state license.

Sara P.

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations and Acupuncture 2022

Just wanted to thank you and TCM Review for my success in passing all three exams on the first try. TCM Review is such an efficient and effective tool for combining the vast amount of knowledge we as students have gained from our education and collectively and systematically putting it into a usable and concise exam prep format. Thanks to TCM Review I am #oneanddone on all 3 of my board exams!

R. Payne

NCCAOM Biomedicine, Foundations and Acupuncture 2016

I passed all my NCCAOM exams on the first try. Thanks to TCM Review and TCM Tests. It’s a winning combination and the only way to go when considering what to use to pass your NCCAOM exams. TCM Review classes are well-organized and detailed. The teachers are experts on the NCCAOM especially Robert Pontecorvo for Biomedicine and Bina Jangda for foundations and acupuncture. I am so glad I found this course.

A. Anderson

NCCAOM Acupuncture 2019

I took my Acupuncture points exam yesterday and I passed. One and done! Just as you advertised.

I have to say that I found your prep program to be exceptional. When I did Foundations, I used another program. While I passed on the first try with that one as well, I really like the way your program works and I would recommend it to everyone.

Thank you so much for putting so much time and attention to detail in what you offer. I am truly grateful and I will recommend you to everyone. I have Biomed left and I am confident that your Biomed course will work just as well.

Mary C.

NCCAOM Biomedicine and Acupuncture 2019

Within the last three weeks I have taken Acupuncture, Points, and Biomed and passed all three board exams! I thank you for the intensity and depth of the courses you offer. TCM Review really helped with knowing the material rather than memorizing formulas or facts.

Sheridan S.

NCCAOM Foundations 2017

The value of this course is priceless.  Having attended a Classical Chinese Medicine School there was a tremendous amount of information that was new and or required a different interpretation.  The recorded courses were separated into manageable sections with a succinct outline and overview of all the material required to pass.  The live Wednesday night class provided an arena to clarify data and principles in addition to gaining ”pearls” of wisdom.  The accessibility of Bina and her encouragement and support was invaluable.  I would not have passed on my first attempt without this course.  Thank you!