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We’ve spent the last several months developing a new website to help you better prepare to pass your California, National, and Pan Canadian Board Exams.

New Features

  • Easier to use: Virtual Classroom and Student Portal.
  • Consolidated all class videos: classes are broken into 1-hour segments, but located all on the same page (i.e. a 3-hour class will have 3 videos on the class page).
  • Organized resources with class videos: Combined and moved all course handouts and written materials on their class pages with the videos
  • New navigation: after logging in as a student, your navigation links change to ONLY what you need (Virtual Classroom, Quiz Website, Class Retakes, etc.).
  • New Student Portal: pulldown menu at TOP of page where you login, change your password, and view your account details. If you ever get lost navigating the website, you can click Student Portal in the upper right. On your Student Portal, click the Virtual Classroom link for the class you desire.

And much more…

Having Trouble?

If you experience issues navigating the new website, logging in and accessing your account or the Virtual Classroom, or pages look weird, you can try the following:

Login and Student Portal

The LOGIN button is in the upper right corner, where it’s always been. Click to access the Student Portal.

TCM Review Seminars

Login in the Student Portal panel. If you forget your password, you can reset it by following the link on the left. You’ll be directed to password reset page — follow the instructions to receive a link via email to change your password.

TCM Review Seminars

Once logged in, manage your account in the Student Portal, including change your password or email address. There’s also a list of the courses you’re enrolled in. If you ever get lost on the website, just open this Student Portal dropdown and click the link under “VIrtual Classroom Quick Links” to go right to your Virtual Classroom.

TCM Review Seminars

Virtual Classroom – Courses and Classes

Watch this short video to learn everything you need to know about the Virtual Classroom, your Courses and Classes, and the website. Please let us know if you have questions. Use the form on the Contact page.

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