The NCCAOM One and Done Bundle set is your trusted set of comprehensive study cards for the NCCAOM exams. This set is tried and true, so you are One and Done on your NCCAOM exams.

These cards are great from day one of acupuncture school through your board exams. First-year acupuncture students, these cards will save you the valuable time that it takes to create study tools. These flashcards are specifically tailored for students preparing for the NCCAOM Licensing exams or for students planning on taking both NCCAOM and California Licensing Exam. Acupuncture school is demanding enough. Gift yourself these valuable cards and save time for what’s really important – learning the material


  • Tongue and Pulse
  • Treatment Principles
  • Maciocia Point Prescriptions with Zang Fu Pattern cards
  • CAM Point Prescriptions with Syndrome cards
  • Point Location I and II
  • Dui Yao
  • NCCAOM Formulas I and II (includes the CALE formulas)
  • Single Herbs I and II

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