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Course books are available below for purchase. When you purchase a course + course books, the cost of the coursebook is discounted. Discounts are automatically applied to the shopping cart.

Foundations Coursebook: $25 / $12.50 with course purchase.

Acupuncture Coursebook: $25 / $12.50 with course purchase.

Herbology Coursebook: $35 / $17.50 with the course purchase.

Biomedicine Coursebook: $35 / $17.50  with course purchase. 

CALE Coursebooks: $80 / $40 with course purchase. 

TCM Review Flashcards are for EVERYONE!

TCM Review Seminar’s mission is to create an inclusive, friendly, supportive learning community for ALL acupuncture students. I’ll always provide flashcards to anyone who wants them. I’d love to have you study with me if my teaching style is a good fit for you.

Current Student? I’d like to offer you an additional 10% off the price. After making a purchase, please forward the receipt to us, and we’ll refund you 10%. Not a student yet? That’s okay, we’ll honor the discount whenever you enroll. I hope you enjoy these flashcards as much as I enjoyed creating them for you. Best of luck on your board exams. One and Done!

– Bina Jangda, MSOM, LAc


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